• Kallio-Kuninkala
    The Sibelius Academy Music Centre on the shores of Lake Tuusulanjärvi.
  • A quiet setting
    Modern facilities in an historic environment.
  • Healthy food
    Our kitchen uses mainly organic ingredients from Finland.
  • Nice people
    We look after you.
  • Garden
    You can enjoy the closeness of nature every season.


The Sibelius Academy Music Centre has been located at Kallio-Kuninkala, on the shores of Lake Tuusulanjärvi in the town of Järvenpää, since 1987. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and cosy kitchen, we can offer unique facilities for trainings, concerts and celebrations. In the summertime, the Kuninkala summer cafe also welcomes casual visitors.

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Buildings and facilities

Kallio-Kuninkala consists of several buildings, offering a variety of meeting, accommodation and dining facilities for year-round use. The current look of the buildings dates back to the 1920s. The Järvenpää Culture Trail winds through this culturally important environment, protected by the National Board of Antiquities, passing the famous Ainola, Ahola and Suviranta estates on its way to Kallio-Kuninkala.

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Green values

Here at Kallio-Kuninkala, we promote sustainable development and green values. The Sibelius Academy Music Centre is also involved in a programme named Portaat Luomuun, which aims to make it easier for professional kitchens to increase their use of organic products as part of sustainable operations.

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